Data-Driven Banking: Data Intelligence for the Banking of the Future

How banks use data analytics and data enrichment to deliver a personalized customer experience with optimal scalability.


  • Customer-driven innovation is omnipresent. Wherever you look, customers are increasingly taking centre stage!
  • Behind popular banking products stands data-driven personalisation, made possible by analyzing and enriching data.
  • Learn in this whitepaper how transactional data in particular can take the individual user experience to the next level.

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Contovista - EN - Whitepaper Data-Driven Banking
  • Banks can provide an excellent customer experience with relevant financial products and a personalized approach.
  • Banks can generate targeted added value in the form of customised banking offers that cater to the customer’s wishes rather than the product.
  • Provided the wishes and data protection of customers remain in the foreground, this leads to a highly personalized customer experience.